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The Candy House by Jennifer Egan

We are very excited that Jennifer Egan is publishing what is described as a ‘sibling novel’ to A Visit from the Good Squad. It’s a big thinking book about the future, the present and the recent past. Technology, family, security and just about everything else is in this book and it is a cracker. You don’t have to have read Goon Squad, but treat yourself and get into that one before The Candy House is publishing on 5th April. We have Goon Squad in stock now and you can preorder The Candy House. It will be $32.99. If this one doesn’t scoop the literary prizes this year, there is something terribly terribly wrong!

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Douglas Stuart hit the literary world a couple of years ago with a bang with his debut novel Shuggie Bain, winning the Booker Prize with his tale of young Shuggie growing up, poor, gay and neglected in Glasgow. Young Mungo is eagerly anticipated and is on the current reading pile. It is about two young men, Protestant Mungo and Catholic James as they navigate their religious differences and developing sexual feelings. Stuart is a wonderful writer and both books are terrific for a robust book group discussion. Young Mungo will be released on 12th April. $32.99 Preorder now!

143 Storey Treehouse

Now Released!!!

The latest in the famous and popular Treehouse series from Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

Paper Back $14.99 Hard Back $18.99

Before next week, order on line or by contacting the shop.

Next week we’ll have pavement trading as well!!

Opening Pages – TOMORROW – Wednesday March 4 7pm

It’s been a bookish last week at Fairfield Books. We’ve run two of our bookclubs (Adult and Kids) and hosted the fabulous Dervla McTiernan at our first Sunday Stories for the year and now we aim to complete the trifecta with our first Opening Pages. It’s going to be a cracker of an event with Kirsten Alexander and Kate Murdoch talking about their new books. Riptides is an absolute page-turner based on the premise that one bad decision can tear your world. In this case the decision is leaving the scene of a car accident. Set in Queensland, set in the 1970s, an earlier version of this book was shortlisted for the Bellwether Prize by PEN America and is a great read. Kate Murdoch was a painter before turning her hand to writing. The Orange Grove is her second book and is deliciously set in 1705 in a chateau in France. The perfect escapist read for everyone who is finding 2020 all a bit much. Come join us for a lovely chat with two fabulous authors and raise a glass or two to their new books and what is shaping up to be a fabulous year of reading! RSVP via email books@fairfieldbooks.com.au, Facebook, ring us or in store if you drop in today. See you there.

Book Events – Dervla McTiernan (this Sunday 1 March) and Opening Pages (following Wed March 4)

It’s a busy bookish couple of weeks coming up in store. First up, Heather will be chatting with crime writer extrordinaire, Dervla McTiernan, about the latest in her Cormac Reilly series, A Good Turn which has just arrived in store. This is the second installment in our Sunday Stories series and Dervla, like Heather Rose our first guest, is a consumate story teller and entertaining talker. So come join us for wine and cheese THIS SUNDAY at 4pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through Trybooking – www.trybooking.com/BHPXG.

And then head back to our store the following Wednesday night at 7pm to listen to two marvellous authors, Kirsten Alexander and Kate Murdoch. Kirsten’s second book Riptides starts with a fatal car crash and will have you turning the pages while asking yourself what would I have done? Or escape to France in the 1700s, time of big wigs, fancy dresses and intrigue with Kate Murdoch’s historical romp, The Orange Grove. The event is free and includes a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink. You can RSVP in store, via email – books@fairfieldbooks.com, on Facebook or give us a call on 90174748.

The Mirror and The Light out 5 March 2020 (with free tote bag)

It’s time to start getting very excited as one of the biggest publishing events of 2020 (and actually the decade) is almost upon us. Hilary Mantel’s final volume of her Thomas Cromwell trilogy is out 5 March 2020. Mantel is the first woman to have won the Booker twice (Margaret Atwood being the other as of last year) and the only person to have won for back-to-back books. If you haven’t read Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies they are masterpieces and sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. They have been turned into award winning plays as well as an acclaimed television series. Copies of both are in store if you want to see what the fuss is about. The Mirror and the Light opens at Anne Boleyn’s beheading and will end (one assumes) with Cromwell’s. If like me you have read (and reread) both and can’t wait for the next and last installment The Mirror and The Light, why not put in a pre-order in store today. We have lovely tote bags to give away with the pre-orders and early purchases – with a quote from the opening pages of  The Mirror and The Light which is typical Mantel – wry, cutting and perfect – ‘If you cannot speak truth at a beheading, when can you speak it?’

You can preorder in-store, by phone 90174748, or email.

Sunday Stories – Dervla McTiernan – 1 March 2020 4pm

We are very excited to be doing some more Sunday Stories this year with lots of exciting guests. Our first cab off the rank is the marvellous Dervla McTiernan. Dervla’s Cormac Reilly series has been taking the world by storm. It began with The Ruin which won both the Ned Kelly and Davitt Awards for best crime fiction last year, continued with The Scholar and now we have got the next installment coming out with The Good Turn. Dervla is as entertaining as her books and we are looking forward to a great chat washed down with wine and cheese. Tickets have been going fast but we have a few more available – so book today!! The cost is only $10, bookings made on www.trybooking.com/BHPXG. 

Opening Pages – First One for 2020 – March 4 7pm

As Heather has been away overseas on a bookish trip, we have delayed our start to Opening Pages but now she has returned, we are excited to bring you more wonderful authors in 2020. On March 4 at 7pm Heather will be talking to Kirsten Alexander and Kate Murdoch. Readers might know Kirsten from her first novel Half Moon Lake. She has followed that up with an absolute cracker. It is 1974 and Abby and Charlie are driving to their father’s farm when they are in a car accident that kills the pregnant driver. There are no witnesses to the accident so they make the decision to flee the scene. This is a gripping page turner. Joining Kirsten is Kate Murdoch, author of The Orange Grove. A historical drama set in France of the 1700s, this is a book simmering with rivalry and intrigue, involving dukes (or as the French would spell ducs), wives, mistresses, secrets and a tarot reader. Sounds like the perfect escapist read. Come and join us on March 4 for a glass of wine and bookish chat with these two wonderful authors.

Another Week another stellar prize (with bonus Dervla McTiernan)

And just like that we have the Stella longlist announced.  The Stella Prize is always worth checking out and last year’s winner Vicki Laveau-Harvie with The Erratics has been read and enjoyed by many of our customers. This year there are twelve books on the list, including some of our favourites from last year The Weekend by Charlotte Wood, The Yield by Tara June Winch and There Was Still Love by Favel Parrett as well as newcomers that we had missed but are keen to read such as the memoir Diving into Glass by Caro Llewellyn and Song Spirals by Gay-wu Group of Women. If you are a fan of short stories then there are three different collections to choose from Lucky Ticket by Joey Bui, The House of Yussef by Yumna Kassab and Here Until August by Josephine Rowe as well as a Y.A. title, This is How We Change the Ending by Vikki Wakefield, non-fiction with Look What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill and Paper Emperors by Sally Young and finally a graphic novel, When One Person Dies the Whole World is Over by Mandy Ord. Shortlist will be announced 6 March with the winner declared in April.

Plus don’t forget that we have an exciting event coming up ourselves with Dervla McTiernan joining us for a Sunday afternoon event on 1 March 2020 at 4pm. Dervla is just as entertaining as her books (so very!) so it will be a great afternoon. Wine and cheese will be provided, cost is $10 and bookings can be made on www.trybooking.com/BHPXG. We hope to see lots of you there!

Move Over Oscars it is Book Award Time…

The literary world is hotting up with an absolute plethora of amazing books in February and March but before we get to those it’s time to mention some award winners and short lists. The Indie Book Award Shortlists for 2020 have been announced with some of the authors who have appeared at our events amongst the titles including those competing for Best Fiction title of the year –  Favel Parret for There Was Still Love, Charlotte Wood’s The Weekend, Christian White’s The Wife and The Widow and Heather Rose’s Bruny. The other categories are well worth checking out as well. Then last week was the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award Winners with Christos Tsiolkas’s epic Damascus taking out the prize for Literature. Moving further afield, the UK’s Costa Awards are always a prize we are interested in at the shop as the criteria is for the most ‘enjoyable’ book. This year the Costa award for Debut was given to The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins. Margaret Atwood described it as Wild Sargasso Sea meets Beloved meets Alias Grace which was cat nip for me. I’m reading it at the moment and really enjoying it. Jonathan Coe won the Ficton Costa with Middle England. Coe is known for his humourous books and this is no exception. Taking on Britian now it has been described as the perfect Brexit novel and if you can make that subject funny then you must be talented. The overall Costa was won by The Volunteer by Jack Fairfield. This year is the 75th anniversary of the liberating of Auschwitz and this book tells the astonishing story of the only man who volunteered to enter, Polish freedom fighter, Witold Pilecki, who undertook the mission to infiltrate Auschwitz and uncover the fate of those interned there. It is currently coming into paperback in Australia but we will have copies in store shortly. Not to be missed. 

First Sunday Stories for 2020 – Dervla McTiernan – 1 March 2020 4pm

After our great event with Heather Rose late last year, we are back with our first Sunday Stories at Fairfield Books on March 1 2020 with the wonderful author Dervla McTiernan. Dervla has conquered the world with her captivating Cormac Reilly crime series. Set in contemporary Ireland, the series which began with The Ruin has been a bestseller here and overseas as well as winning multiple awards. She followed up with another great book The Scholar and will have just published her third book, The Good Turn.  Dervla is Irish but now lives in Perth and is just as much fun as her books and so is the perfect person to share some wine and cheese over a Sunday afternoon with. Cost is $10 and Bookings can be made on www.trybooking.com/BHPXG. Looking forward to seeing you there!

I Want My Hat & Lost and Found

Many things get left behind the bookshop but we usually manage to find the owner. My favourite reuniting happened while I was telling a customer about the wonderful book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems (author/illustrator behind Pigeon series and Gerald & Piggie readers). A preverbal Trixie has lost her favourite toy Knuffle Bunny and Dad doesn’t know why she is upset. Just as we were at the counter book in hand, in rushed a distraught mother looking for a favourite bunny toy that had been lost that looked an awful lot like Knuffle Bunny. Luckily we tracked it down and returned it to the upset owner. Sadly, sometimes things are left behind and not collected so we’ve decided to do a Lost and Found window. Children’s sun hats would be the most common item lost so we have a Jon Klassen I Want My Hat theme (an excellent book series for the smaller reader). Please drop by and check if we can be not just like Michael Rowbotham but more like Oliver Jeffers.

New Fiction for the New Year

2020 is shaping up to be an exceptionally good year for fiction (now we just need to work on the reality!) Why not escape fires, Iran, Trump, royal drama and Brexit with some top notch writing. In the first few months we will be seeing works from two giants of the literary world – Maggie O’Farrell and Hilary Mantel. Mantel will be finally releasing The Mirror and The Light, the last book in the Wolf Hall Trilogy. If you have not read the first two books in the series, Wolf Hall, and Bring Up the Bodies, rush in and grab a copy. Both of them are amazing works of literature and all-time favourites here in the shop. Maggie O’Farrell, another shop favourite, is back in March with the exquisitely written Hamnet, a departure for her as this is a work of historical fiction. I’m currently reading an advance copy at the moment and it is wonderful. But what to read while we are waiting for those to hit our shelves? To continue on the wolf theme, the answer is Lucy Treloar’s Wolfe Island which I read over the summer break. This is simply a wonderful book that has big ideas, indelible characters and perfect sentences. I loved it and expect it to still be on my favourites of 2020 at the end of the year even though I read it start of January. Kitty Hawke is the last inhabitant of a drowning island, that is sinking into Chesapeake Bay. Solitary, with only the company of her wolfdog, her world is turned upside down when her granddaughter arrives in the midst of a storm, begging for sanctuary for herself and her friends. Trouble follows in a world that has already troubled. This book has so much to say about the world that surrounds us as well as our ability to survive and love in the most difficult of circumstances. Highly recommended.

Happy New Year

It is hardly a good start to the year for Australia, but still Happy New Year from all of us. As I write this is Heather is winging her way off to the American Booksellers Association Winter Conference in chilly Baltimore courtesy of a travel grant from the Neilma Sidney Literary Travel. It is a conference for independent bookshops only and Heather is looking forward to talking to our American counterparts as well as authors and getting ideas that she can bring back to us in Station Street. I’ve been doing lots of reading in the holidays and thought I’d post about some of my new favourites. First lets talk about food. Like many others I’ve started the year full of resolutions about eating healthier and has pulled out Michael Mosley’s The Fast 800 again. Full of science and tasty recipes, this is a great book if you are looking to lose weight, bring down cholesterol and be generally healthier. Helping with this is my new favourite vegetarian/ vegan cookbook East. It is a total winner packed full of delicious and simple recipes. Move over Ottolenghi, Meera Sodha is a genius. I was lucky enough to be cooked the following for a New Year’s Eve dinner by my 14 year old daughter (that’s how simple the recipes are) chilli salt pineapple, sweet chilli cashews, caramelised onion and chilli ramen and silken tofu with pine nuts and pickled chillies (guess the linking ingredient) – literally the best veggie meal I’ve ever had. Another book for assisting in the new year resolutions is The Resilience Project – Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness by Hugh Van Cuylenburg. Many local parents might have come across Hugh as he regularly conducts school workshops or you might have listened to his popular podcast. Entertaining, informative, bursting with empathy, this is a great book for teenagers and up and just might change your life for the better. Recommended!

Last Opening Pages for the Year – THIS WEDNESDAY 7pm

Why not escape the silly season madness for just a couple of hours and come along to hear two thoughtful writers, Favel Parrett, and Sarah Hopkins. Both of these authors are award winners and their books are fascinating. Favel Parrett’s There Was Still Love is a fictional exploration of her own family’s life and explores connection and dislocation. Sarah’s The Subjects is a page-turning psychological drama looking at a controversial experiment on young offenders. We are so looking forward to it – so come  along this Wednesday 4 December 7pm and join us to raise a glass to another fabulous year of books, reading and these brilliant authors. RSVP on Facebook, via email book@fairfieldbooks.com.au, ring 90174748 or our favourite method in store!!

And if you are in an author listening mood you can join us listening to Heather Morris, author of the world wide bestseller, The Tattooist of Auschwitz and now Cilka’s Journey, at Preston Library 7pm 10 December. Entry is free, you just need to register for the event via the library’s website.



Last Opening Pages for the Year – 4 December 7pm

We were delighted to see a former speaker at Opening Pages, Ilka Tampke, win Most Underrated Book of the Year with her wonderful book, Songwoman so why not come along on 4 December and meet two wonderful authors because you never know what prize list they might turn up on next year. Favel Parrett who has already won the Dobbie Literary Award and been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin will be talking about her brand new book There Was Still Love, the beautiful story of her grandmother and her twin, one who lives in Australia and the other who lives behind the Iron Curtain. Poetic and full of heart, it will be lovely to hear Favel talk about what writing this book was like for her. Joining her is criminal lawyer and award winning author Sarah Hopkins, with her fascinating page turner, The Subjects. Daniel is sixteen and should be in jail instead he is diverted into a different program with other gifted delinquents. It’s not a jail, a school, or a psych unit. What is it exactly? This is a compelling novel and we are looking to welcoming both these authors to our last Opening Pages for the year. So, come join us on Wednesday 7 December 7pm, and lets raise a glass to 2019 and another great year of reading. RSVP on Facebook, email books@fairfieldbooks.com.au, ring on 90174748 or tell us in-store.

Last Opening Pages for the Year – 4 December 2019 7pm

It’s been a fantastic year of Opening Pages with wonderful books, authors and audiences and December is no exception. We are welcoming Favel Parrett, one of Australia’s most loved authors of the last decade. Favel burst onto the literary scene eight years ago with Past The Shallows which was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin and won the Dobbie Literary Award. There Was Still Love is her third book. This book focusses on the family, exploring how big world events shape the smallest lives. A quiet book but with a powerful and beautifully written message of the healing power of love. Joining Favel we have Sarah Hopkins. Sarah is a criminal lawyer by training and The Subjects is her fourth book. Daniel is a sixteen year old drug dealer going to jail until all of a sudden he isn’t. Instead, he’s taken off to a deluxe outback facility and becomes convinced that he is part of an experiment, except he has no idea for what. Parallels have been made to Charlotte Wood’s The Natural Way of Things, this is a critically acclaimed exploration about social engineering, that will be fascinating to read and discuss with the author over a drink or two. Come and join us for the last Opening Pages for the year. RSVPS in store, by email books@fairfieldbooks.com.au, call 90174748 or on Facebook.

Opening Pages – This Wednesday 6 Nov 7pm

You’ve had the Tuesday off to celebrate a horse race, why not come out on the Wednesday night and celebrate books and authors. Carrie Tiffany and Julienne van Loon will be in store talking about their fabulous new releases – the perfect mixture of fiction and non-fiction! Join us at 7pm for a drink to both The Thinking Woman and Exploded View. RSVPS in store, email books@fairfieldbooks.com.au, Facebook or by phone 90174748.

Christos Tsiolkas’s Road to Damascus

Christos Tsiolkas‘s books have been read (and watched) around the world. In particular The Slap and Barricuda have chronicled modern Australian life in all its complications so a new book from him is a big event in the publishing calendar! Very different in subject matter from his last two, Damascus is an epic in every sense of the world. Tsiolkas is known for exacting eye on contemporary life but here he takes on something very different – the life of St Paul and the beginnings of the Catholic Church. He spent a year not writing but instead reading everything he could find about this era and then travelled to Rome, Turkey, Israel and Greece, following Paul’s footsteps. When it came to writing, it took seven complete drafts to come up with this book. Already proclaimed as a masterpiece of imagination and transformation, this focusses on doubt and faith, tyranny and revolution, friendship and betrayal. We are about to start reading in store so grab a copy today and read along too.

Opening Pages – This Wed night (Nov 6) at 7pm

The days are getting longer, perfect to come out mid-week and join us for some bookish chat and a drink with two wonderful authors. Carrie Tiffany is a multi-award winning writer and Exploded View, her new fiction book, has been critically acclaimed both here and overseas. Julienne van Loon is an academic and award winning author and her book The Thinking Woman developed out of conversations with six leading feminist thinkers. It is bound to be a good night of fascinating discussion with two wonderful authors. RSVP on Facebook, by email books@fairfieldbooks.com.au, phone 90174748 or in store!

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