A Life on Our Planet


A Life on Our Planet

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Title: A Life on Our Planet
Author: Attenborough, David

See the world. Then make it better.

'I am 93. I've had an extraordinary life. It's only now that I appreciate how extraordinary.

As a young man, I felt I was out there in the wild, experiencing the untouched natural world - but it was an illusion. The tragedy of our time has been happening all around us, barely noticeable from day to day - the loss of our planet's wild places, its biodiversity.

I have been witness to this decline. A Life on Our Planet is my witness statement, and my vision for the future. It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake - and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.

We have one final chance to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the wonderful world we inherited.'

All we need is the will do so.

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Format: Hardback
Publication date: 01/10/2020
Publisher: Random House
Biology, life sciences
Pages: 288

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