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Book Nerd

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Title: Book Nerd
Author: Maguire, Holly

With over 7 million Instagram posts tagged #booknerd, and millions more tagged with the likes of #bookworm and #bibliophile, it's clear: Book nerds rule! And what better gift than this joyous celebration of their singular passion.

It's sweet, it's affectionate, it's understanding and clever, filled with bright, playful, intricately detailed illustrations and wonderful mottoes, definitions, jokes, and more, all of it the work of book obsessive Holly Maguire. Following in the vein of Crazy Cat Lady, Crazy Plant Lady, and the just published Dog Mom - with over 91,000 copies in print in their first year - Book Nerdcelebrates the 360 Degrees love that separates a book nerd from the average person who likes to read, even the average book lover. A book nerd is someone special. She - or he! - belongs to more than one library and has a minimum of five books on their nightside table. She confidently uses words like bibliotaph (a person who hides or hoards books), tsundonku (a Japanese word for the phenomenon of buying lots of books but never getting around to reading them), and librocubicularist (a person who reads in bed). She's never once thought the movie was better. And her favorite T-shirt says - what else? - \"Too many books, too little time.\"

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Format: Hardback
Publication date: 13/04/2021
Publisher: Workman
Self-help & personal development
Pages: 112
Dimension: 152mm X 146mm

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