Boys’ Club


Boys’ Club

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Title: Boys' Club
Author: Warner, Michael

The Boys' Club is the must-read inside story behind the power and politics of the AFL, Australia's biggest sport.

Revealing how a fledgling state administrative body evolved into the Australian Football League and its meteoric rise to become one of the richest and most powerful organisations in the land, award-winning investigative journalist Mick Warner delivers a fascinating insight into key figures and their networks.

Tracking the rise of the AFL and its supremos, The Boys' Club lifts the lid on the scandals, secrets and deal-making that have shaped this iconic Australian game.

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Format: Trade Paper
Publication date: 26/05/2021
Publisher: Hachette
Pages: 336
Weight: 300g
Dimension: 234mm X 153mm

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 234 × 153 mm