Drop Bear

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Drop Bear

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Title: Drop Bear
Author: Araluen, Evelyn

An innovative collection of poetry and prose from a vibrant new Indigenous voice on the Australian literary scene.

I told you this was a thirst so great it could carve rivers.

This fierce debut from award-winning writer Evelyn Araluen confronts the tropes and iconography of an unreconciled nation with biting satire and lyrical fury. Dropbear interrogates the complexities of colonial and personal history with an alternately playful, tender and mournful intertextual voice, deftly navigating the responsibilities that gather from sovereign country, the spectres of memory and the debris of settler-coloniality. This innovative mix of poetry and essay offers an eloquent witness to the entangled present, an uncompromising provocation of history, and an embattled but redemptive hope for a decolonial future.

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Format: Paperback
Publication date: 02/03/2021
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Poetry by individual poets
Pages: 96
Weight: 114g
Dimension: 194mm X 129mm

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Weight 114 g
Dimensions 194 × 129 mm