If the World Were 100 People

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If the World Were 100 People

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Title: If the World Were 100 People
Author: McCann, Jackie
Illustrator: Cushley, Aaron

Imagine the world's population as 100 people: what would it look like?

There are almost 8 billion humans living on Earth, but it's tricky to picture so many people! So instead, let's imagine the whole planet is a village where 100 people live - each person representing around 80 million people in the real world. So what does our global village of 100 people look like? Are they all grown-ups? Are there more males or females? How many have black hair or blue eyes? What languages do they speak? Who can read and write? How many have access to the internet or have enough food to eat? Does everyone have access to electricity or clean water?

Big ideas are broken into bitesize chunks through clever illustration and graphic design.

If we focus on just 100 people, it's easier to see the things we have in common, and the things that make us different. So come and meet the people in our global village, and think about the big questions that affect us all!

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Format: Hardback
Publication date: 05/08/2021
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Society & culture: general
Pages: 32
Weight: 270g
Dimension: 281mm X 251mm

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Weight 270 g
Dimensions 281 × 251 mm